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        2. 2001年全国硕士研究生入学考试英语试题及参考答案

          作者: 来源:沪江论坛 时间:2020-05-29 16:15


          Part ⅠStructure and Vocabulary Section A 每题0.5分,共5分 Directions:
          Beneath each of the following sentences,there are four choices marked [A],[B],[C] and [D].Choose the one that best completes the sentence.Mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET Ⅰ by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil.(5 points)
          I have been to the Great Wall three times 1979.
          The sentence should read,“I have been to the Great Wall three times since 1979.”Therefore,you should choose [D].

          1、If I were in a movie,then it would be about time that I my head in my hands for a cry.
           [B]am burying
           [D]would bury

          2、Good news was sometimes released prematurely,with the British recapture of the porthalf a day before the defenders actually surrendered.
           [A]to announce
           [D]was announced

          3、According to one belief,if truth is to be known it will make itself apparent,so one wait instead of searching for it.
           [A]would rather
           [B]had to
           [C]cannot but
           [D]had best

          4、She felt suitably humble just as she when he had first taken a good look at her city self,hair waved and golden,nails red and pointed.
           [B]had had
           [C]would have had
           [D]has had

          5、There was no sign that Mr Jospin,who keeps a firm control on the party despite from leadership of it,would intervene personally.
           [A]being resigned
           [B]having resigned
           [C]going to resign

          6、So involved with their computers that leaders at summer computer camps often have to force them to break for sports and games.
           [A]became the children
           [B]become the children
           [C]had the children become
           [D]do the children become

          7、The individual TV viewer invariably senses that he or she is an anonymous,statistically insignificant part of a huge and diverse audience.
           [A]everything except
           [B]anything but
           [C]no less than
           [D]nothing more than

          8、One difficulty in translation lies in obtaining a concept match. this is meant that a concept in one language is lost or changed in meaning in translation.

          9、Conversation becomes weaker in a society that spends so much time listening and being talked to it has all but lost the will and the skill to speak for itself.

          10、 Church as we use the word refers to all religious institutions,they Christian,Islamic,Buddhist,Jewish,and so on.