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          Section I Use of English


          Read the following passage. For each numbered blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET l. (10 points)

          The outbreak of swine flu that was first detected in Mexico was declared a global pandemic on June 11, 2009.It is the first worldwide epidemic__1___ by the World Health Organization in 41 years. 

          The heightened alert __2___an emergency meeting with flu experts in Geneva that   assembled after a sharp rise in cases in Australia, and rising ___3_ in Britain, Japan, Chile and elsewhere. 

          But the epidemic is "____4__" in severity, according to Margaret Chan, the organization's director general, ____5__the overwhelming majority of patients experiencing only mild symptoms and a full recovery, often in the _____6_of any medical treatment.

          The outbreak came to global __7___in late April 2009, when Mexican authorities noticed an unusually large number of hospitalizations and deaths __8__ healthy adults. As much of Mexico City shut down at the height of a panic, cases began to __9__in New York City, the southwestern United States and around the world.

          In the United States, new cases seemed to fade __10__warmer weather arrived. But in late September 2009, officials reported there was __11__flu activity in almost every state and that virtually all the __12___tested are the new swine flu, also known as (A) H1N1, not seasonal flu.  In the U.S., it has __13__ more than one million people, and caused more than 600 deaths and more than 6,000 hospitalizations.

          Federal health officials __14__ Tamiflu for children from the national stockpile and began   15   orders from the states for the new swine flu vaccine. The new vaccine, which is different from the annual flu vaccine, is    16   ahead of expectations. More than three million doses were to be made available in early October 2009, though most of those  17   doses were of the FluMist nasal spray type, which is not 18    for pregnant women, people over 50 or those with breathing difficulties, heart disease or several other  19  . But it was still possible to vaccinate people in other high-risk group: health care workers, people   20   infants and healthy young people.

          1. [A] criticized          [B]appointed        [C]commented      [D]designated

          2. [A] proceeded       [B]activated          [C]followed            [D]prompted

          3. [A] digits              [B]numbers          [C]amounts           [D]sums

          4. [A] moderate        [B]normal             [C]unusual            [D]extreme

          5. [A] with               [B]in                     [C]from                 [D]by

          6. [A] progress        [B]absence            [C]presence           [D]favor

          7. [A] reality            [B]phenomenon     [C]concept             [D]notice

          8. [A] over              [B]numbers           [C]among              [D]to

          9. [A] stay up          [B] crop up           [C]fill up                [D]cover up

          10 [A] as                [B]if                      [C]unless              [D]until

          11 [A] excessive     [B]enormous          [C]significant         [D]magnificent

          12 [A] categories    [B]examples           [C]patterns           [D]samples

          13 [A]imparted      [B]immersed           [C]injected            [D]infected

          14 [A] released      [B]relayed              [C]relieved             [D]remained

          15 [A]placing         [B]delivering           [C]taking               [D]giving

          16 [A]feasible        [B]available            [C]reliable              [D]applicable

          17 [A]prevalent     [B]principal            [C]innovative          [D]initial

          18 [A]presented    [B]restricted         [C]recommended      [D]introduced

          19 [A]problems     [B]issues              [C]agonies              [D]sufferings

          20 [A]involve in    [B]caring for          [C]concerned with    [D]warding off